I got this hat!
The way i got my hat is… r It was forged with magical powers (the famous players signatures) they make you so lucky and powerful. If you were the hat [...]
The evil crying baby 1
Once upon a time there was a crazy crying baby that cried explosive tears. The baby could not be harmed by the tears, but everyone else could.   One [...]
Dolphin day! Part 1
One day a dolphin ate 1 too many hotdogs and behind him a rainbow was created he turned around and thought it was a staircase so he went up it.   On [...]
‘5,4,3,2,1’ yelled the pilot. ‘Lets go to Australia’ exclaimed the co-pilot Woosh! The plane flew off away into the distance.   They ran out of fuel [...]
How to Train a Ender Dragon-8th piece of 2014
You need:   1: Ender dragon 2: Fish 3: Marshmallows 4: Fire 5: Meat 6: Disintegration proof amour ( in case it tries to disintegrate you) 7 :Saddle [...]
The best animal-6th piece of 2014
  I think lemurs are the best animal in the world because…………… 1: Their ancestors travelled from Africa to Madagascar on twigs and bits of wood!!They [...]
All About Me!-5th piece of 2014
I am Nicholas. My favourite game is Terraria . My favourite thing is exploding stuff. My second favourite game is Minecraft. I have a sister, mum, a dad, [...]
The Revenge of the Evil Chicken-4th piece of 2014
  My  mum, dad, Steph , and I were in the car driving to a farm. How long untill we get there? Ahh! hours!   (Ten days later) “We’re there, [...]
my swimming-2nd piece of 2014
Splash! I got in the pool. Splash.splash.splash.the other people got in. 3 2 1 beep! I was doing backstroke 20 m! Any way I was losing the race. Yay I got [...]
My Silly Sister-1st piece of 2014
Steph I need to do my homework. don’t come in my room. [Ten minutes later].Stephanie GET OUT!Ok Nic. [Music] [two minutes later]. I really enjoyed my [...]
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