one day there was an orange crocodile and he was withing a gang called the collapsed Poos and the gang were about to rob a bank but suddenly Pssssss Psss [...]
the slime 100wc
one day there was a very big slime that was roaming the streets. he was so big that by moving he would squish people and houses! He was clearing out all [...]
this video was about anh-do blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions   he was brought over to Australia at the age of 2 years old. he was at sea [...]
100wc ..but how can something so tiny …
There are 724 trillion blood cells in your body but what do they really do? first we need to know how they work. Step 1: They are at your heart and waiting [...]
blue: understanding red: facts                                                          pink: questions   [...]
Goals for semester 1   What I want to learn:   In class I would like to do some year 7 maths and make an animation using any animation software   [...]
src speech
I think I am the best SRC rep our class can have because… I take all ideas into account and love new ways of thinking and that all the reps should have no [...]
response to antsclass letter
That was a nice letter Ant,   Over my holidays I went and saw the new harry potter movie it was very different to any Harry Potter movie but I liked [...]
Safer internet day 2017
Today we watched a webinar about how to be safer on the internet. It was about your privacy and how to protect it. It showed us a competition called [...]
100 wc MY YEAR
  I have loved my year. It was interestingly fun. Having Ant as my teacher was enjoyable because he understands me and is very nice. Also, this year [...]
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