100 word challenge

100wc …so that is why I am always last…
As you all know I am always last. I’ll tell you why… Firstly, on the way to school today, we were stuck in traffic and Mum needed to pick up [...]
100 wc
…as I stared into the water it began to turn green… I was shocked! I had never been in water so dirty.  It was bad. Everyone was forced out of the pool so [...]
100 wc
One day a tree was covered in moths. A guy called Sam came and sprayed the tree with moth spray.   The next day the tree fell over because of all the [...]
Sunshine Ice
One day a human was at home eating then he saw the sun rise but it was too big. He saw it was getting as cold as ice everything was turning purple, he flew [...]
100 wc
…a whistle blew and everyone disappeared… because jack the cat was very hungry. He was a very fat cat. He loves his food, he eats, asks for food and pats [...]
100 wc
…as the flame flickered and then went out… the world ended. …as the flame flickered and then went out… everyone was sad. …as the flame flickered and then [...]
Supreme Silence
Once a pajama man was creeping in the woods. An orange swarm of bees were chasing. A silence seeking man was running. A THUNDER dragon was roaring fire in [...]
I got this hat!
The way i got my hat is… r It was forged with magical powers (the famous players signatures) they make you so lucky and powerful. If you were the hat [...]
100 wc
When he climbed the ladder he saw a prince. When he climbed the ladder he saw a face. When he climbed the ladder he saw a fence. When he climbed the ladder [...]
100 wc
SUDDENLY I ate dinner. SUDDENLY you scored. SUDDENLY I had fun. SUDDENLY you yelled. SUDDENLY I was sad. SUDDENLY you had a heart attack. SUDDENLY I was [...]
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