October 15, 2017 - 100 word challenge

The small white fluffball

with sunlight sprinting along her,

Her deep blue eyes more blue then the depths of the oacen when the sun is bright!

She jumps with happiness when on the grass

her face so small with massive eyes she looks fake at times

so soft she feels like a bed of feathers

the vibrations of her purrs make me calm

i wonder why i love her,

I wish she would not stop cuddling me

I want her to stay forever and cuddle me

she knows i love her, she knows, she knows

One thought on “100wc


this is just superb!
The details you have chosen communicate wonderfully the emotions you feel about your new kitten-what a great choice for this poem. I think the repetition at the end works really well, and seem to be answering the question you posed earlier in the poem.
Great work!


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