August 27, 2017 - 100 word challenge

BOOM! As the black box came rushing towards us we were sitting on the couch and watching tv. It wasn’t going for us though, it was aiming at the tv because there was an ad for it on tv and it wanted to be one of a kind. This box did all your jobs for you; it cooked, it cleaned and did your homework for you (that’s the best part). The box rammed into the tv cracking the screen. We weren’t happy. So we went to the store, and bought the new tv with Adblock!

One thought on “100wc


Awesome Nick!
This is well crafted simple story that showcases your sense of humour. You’ve used complex sentences, as well as making good use of a whole bunch of different types of punctuation to clarify your meaning.
Oh, and where do I get my hands on one of these black boxes-they sound brilliant!


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