August 12, 2017 - 100 word challenge

This morning when I watered the plants in my garden, I was listening to a beautiful violin melody. Afterwards, I went to lay down for a sleep on my soft scarlet pillow. I was really annoyed because my pillow was discoloring. I eventually fell asleep and I dreamed about someone dancing while playing the violin and slowly watering plants. I thought that that was weird because I did that. Whoom! Bang! Krak! My vision flashed and I woke up in my bedroom, a cat walked past … the same cat as yesterday. Huh, that’s weird like deja vu!

One thought on “100wc


another outstanding piece!
I really love the way you have been working on incorporating more mature vocabulary in your writing-it really lifts it!
I also love the way you are experimenting with the tone of your writing- this is very different from your usual fun, silly pieces- it has a lot of impact-particularly the waking from the dream,
Keep up the great work,


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