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I was doing the laundry in my house …when all of a sudden…  the cops burst through the laundry door and asked me with a snappy voice whether I was bored. I was very surprised but I managed to say ‘why do you ask?’ They said ‘Just tell us and we will tell you why we asked’. I was a bit annoyed at this point but I told them ‘I don’t really like to do the laundry so yes I am bored’. They held out a little black box and it did all my laundry!

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this delightful piece is my favourite 100 word challenge from you this year. I love the way you stretch out our suspense asking ‘why’- I was certainly surprised that the cops would interrupt your laundry (great use of contrast!), and then, in the end, how helpful they are is a gorgeous surprise ending.
Great ideas mate-and your spelling and punctuation are spot on too!
Well done,


Hi Nick
Good job on this 100 word challenge. I like how the cops come in, and you didn’t say like “yeah I’m bored get out of here,” or something like that (idk).
Ok well maybe for something you could’ve done is not have like the “bored” bit maybe something different.
But I liked it.


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