Monthly Archives: May 2017

5/6 data test results graph
 you can clearly see that we learnt a lot over this unit Test 1 MEAN 20.2 TEST 1 MEDIAN 20 Test 2 MEAN 25.8 Test 2 MEDIAN 27  
This video was about the wannacry virus blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions The virus wannacry was a bad virus that harmed many computers. The [...]
burrowing frog adaptations predictions
my predictions are that our animal the burrowing frog would have evolved from a normal frog some of their adaptations might be that they don’t always [...]
A boy went to the shops and ate a burger A boy went to the moon and ate a space burger A boy went to a restaurant  and ate chicken A boy went to the bakery [...]
origin of favorite food contrary
 I chose a pie graph because I surveyed a whole class and it represents a whole This graph shows most people like italian and GREEK   greek 5 italy 5 [...]
 USA HAS Most GDP per cap1ta South Korea has the least on the graph. I chose a bar graph because it was the recommended graph on excel.
This video was about house prices blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions   House prices around the world are too expensive! Why are the prices [...]
one day there was an orange crocodile and he was withing a gang called the collapsed Poos and the gang were about to rob a bank but suddenly Pssssss Psss [...]
This video was about a message in a bottle! blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions A kid found a bottle on the beach in NSW and it had travelled [...]
Mum but I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting you know I hate soup Its really bad!  just eat it because its good for you. blablabla MUM! I’m [...]
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