April 26, 2017 - 100 word challenge

one day there was an ant he was pretty ugly. But very curious about the ocean no one knows why. Everyone thinks he is wired. but he was not weird he just loved the ocean so much.One day he went swimming in the ocean he decided to sleep there for the night.At night … he heard this weird sound coming from the ocean it went like CCCKKK he peeked out and said anyone there? no one answered so he decided to follow the extraordinary sound. he found it. It was water he grabbed some and took it home

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Nice work Nick. This is a great story-I love the way you used the ant’s desire for the ocean as the centre to your story. Your details, word choice and sound effects all combine to engage your reader.
Make sure when you reread before publishing that you identify all the ends of your sentences (there’s a few full stops missing), and that you always remember capitals to start each sentence. Also, be careful with tense- as this is mostly written in the past tense the verbs ‘knew’ and thought’ would have been better than ‘knows’ and ‘thinks’.
Great work,


good job Nick. it was an in interesting story. but just use better punctuation next time.


that was a great story the next thing you should do is write a story about video games.


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