100wc ..but how can something so tiny …

March 24, 2017 - Uncategorized

There are 724 trillion blood cells in your body but what do they really do? first we need to know how they work.

Step 1: They are at your heart and waiting to be oxygenated.

Step 2: The heart sends the blood to the lungs so when you breathe in it gets oxygenated.

Step 3: Your lungs send the blood back to your heart ready to be pumped around your body!

Step 4: Your new oxygenated blood pushes your old unoxygenated blood back to your heart.

Step 5: The cycle repeats itself until you die.

Blood cells are only one example, ..but how can something so tiny do that?

2 thoughts on “100wc ..but how can something so tiny …


Hi Nick
I like how you changed this topic into a 100wc, it really was quite different. It must’ve taken a lot of time to research as well (that or either you already knew it). I hope to see more information texts now because it’s learning in 100 words!


Hello Nick,
I really liked how you did your writing as an info text not a made up story. I learnt lots of really interesting facts in that piece.
Ethan 🙂


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