100wc …so that is why I am always last…

March 19, 2017 - 100 word challenge

As you all know I am always last. I’ll tell you why…

Firstly, on the way to school today, we were stuck in traffic and Mum needed to pick up her new phone!

Secondly, Mum got sick and she needed to go to the hospital. But she was fine after some checking. Phew!

Thirdly, my brother pushed me into the pool when I was about to leave so I needed to change. Ugh!

Fourth, my stupid sister hid ALL of my clothes and I couldn’t find them.

Fifth, Dad crashed the car.

It’s like this every day!

…so that is why I am always last…

3 thoughts on “100wc …so that is why I am always last…


Hysterical! I love the way you create a list of such outrageous events and the finish with “It’s like this every day!”

so so

I liked the way how it was so funny. Especially the bit when your dad crashed the car. That was totally “realistic” (not) but it was really funny. I guess it could happen though. To me it looked like you had more feeling for your mum than you did your dad. I think this because you said that it was really lucky that your mum was fine, but when then you just said dad crashed the car.I also liked the structure and how you had reason 1-5.

Finn Darlington

Ha Ha, that is really funny Nic. I likes how you made these really weird reasons and you made me like it would go on forever when I read it.


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