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In early colonial days, regular soldiers disliked their work conditions. They experienced low pay, boredom, brutality and homesickness. They felt that convicts had it much better than them with assigned hours and even land grants at the end of their time! Regular soldiers such as Private Suds and Thompson would steal something, deliberately get caught and become convicts for the better conditions. Why did convicts get better conditions than the soldiers? Choose your leaders carefully. In this case Governor Darling abused his powers. He did not listen to Frances Forbes on the appropriate punishment. which lead to public outcry following the death of Private Suds. Why did he abuse the power? W.C Wentworth led the public outcry which caused Governer Darling problems for years afterward. 

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Nick you really described what happen in the video and convicts were the criminals. You probably should add your link to the video in.


Awesome Nick! This is an excellent reflection. It’s clear you understand and have thought about the issues and facts shown. And your insight is an excellent one- I like the way you connect the historical facts presented in the video to universal truths that is as true now as it was then.
I really appreciate the effort you put in to create a piece you can be proud of,
Well done,


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