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February 27, 2017 - Uncategorized

I think I am the best SRC rep our class can have because…

I take all ideas into account and love new ways of thinking and that all the reps should have no help from teachers when doing the work

I also am good at persuading people. I am good at speeches so I can tell you what is happening around the school.

As an example, I am concerned about facilities such as the toilets. They are like super old toilets and have broken seats. I hate using them but you have to go somewhere. I would persuade the leaders to upgrade them to ‘normal toilets’. I’d get ideas from classmates about keeping them new and clean.

I will help to find ways of stopping bullying online and in the playground by asking teachers to get more programs. The online bullying program is too insufficient for our days and isn’t preparing us for later life!

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