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systems analysis:


I am changing the speed of the avalanche to 3kph I think it would still be the same but it wouldn’t be deadly because 3km per hour is slow enough to see/ run from! Most people walk at a speed of 2.5km per hour so running would be easy. It would be stopped by trees/rocks. If an avalanche went at a speed of 3km per hour it would not be a natural disaster!222222222222




Avalanches are big waves of snow that roles down hills. They can hurt or kill people or animals and destroy building or infrastructure.


People need to prevent avalanches so they don’t get hurt one way people prevent them is by building snow walls, skiing on areas with fracture lines and I’ll tell you many more later. People use skis to ski on an avalanche ready area to set them off.

People monitor the snow so they know when an avalanche will happen. People can use snow monitors to monitor the snow also they use snow walls to block the snow so it does not keep going. In the 1800’s people started to prevent avalanches

People set up investigation groups to find information about avalanches. They can close off areas under threat. People can fire artillery at the avalanche so it forces an avalanche to happen and prevents a bigger one happening. Other types of methods people use are mortar shells and others. In 1966 they thought of firing artillery into snow to force an avalanche. They prevent avalanches because they don’t want broken buildings or objects like cars, people need to protect pipes power lines roads and e.c.t.

People can sign forums to join avalanche protection groups when people join groups they can use tape and or signs to show dangerous areas.

Avalanches can be dangerous now that you have read this text you will know how to protect your house from avalanches, what an avalanche is and why we protect against avalanches!




my brain (of course)


I think that I did well. My information was good and this project was one of the best projects I have done for a long time! It had all the key points i need. It was good considering I was sick for 1 week.

One thought on “avalanche project


I think pretty much all your information report is impersonal voice so that was really good. One thing you could have improved on is your system analysis becuase I didn’t think you made a conclusion which is step 5. One of the other things you did well was your facts and they were really informative.


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