July 18, 2016 - Uncategorized

I strongly believe that the greens are the best choice to vote for is the greens because they believe in equality, saving the environment.

Firstly the greens will try to help equality by helping the Aboriginals fit in and not be racially discriminated. They also said they’d help to save the environment by decreasing the amount of logging and recycling more things.

Secondly liberal only cares about creating more jobs and growing economy. But the greens are thinking long term because soon saving the environment will be needed or us humans will be extinct and won’t be able to vote for a contrary leader!

Furthermore labor only cares about working class people having a fair life. But the greens are larger because they will make it fair for ALL classes so you won’t worry about getting less pay or working longer.

That is why i believe that the greens are the best party to vote for.

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