Monthly Archives: July 2016

100 wc
One day a tree was covered in moths. A guy called Sam came and sprayed the tree with moth spray.   The next day the tree fell over because of all the [...]
BTN Seed bank
I strongly believe that the Seed bank is not a waste of money because… Firstly if we run out of seeds we will have a storage place and they will be [...]
Sunshine Ice
One day a human was at home eating then he saw the sun rise but it was too big. He saw it was getting as cold as ice everything was turning purple, he flew [...]
semester 2 science goals
  Unit Goals: Extreme Weather   As a result of this unit, I will   Unit Learning Goal 1: Science   I will . . . understand how that [...]
I strongly believe that the greens are the best choice to vote for is the greens because they believe in equality, saving the environment. Firstly the [...]
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