End of term science reflection

June 24, 2016 - goals

I now know how solids liquids and gasses behave in different ways, I  can also take notes on a science experiment also testing hypothesis and proving them. I can safely use tools to create my experiments and be safe during the experiment. i could improve my how i did my goals is by taking more care while doing things that relate to my goals. I think i did pretty well on my goals I could improve a bit with the steps I just said but apart from that i did well! here is and example:

I think that our planning was good our hypothesis was half correct because we said one thing that was correct and 1 thing that was incorrect. Everything in our planning was correct! For our ‘during the experiment’ we created a video that showed us doing our experiment and how we did our experiment. all other parts were correct apart from bibliography and evidence of research. For our presentation we were all included and helped to show things. We made a video to show our experiment.

i have learnt a lot about science because i used to think chemical changes had to have chemicals involved but now i know that chemical changes don’t always have chemicals! physical changes are when something that is not color heat or creates a new substance! also i learnt more ways of changing here are some: condensation, deportation and sublimation.


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