is electricity a form of matter (class masters)

June 5, 2016 - Uncategorized

Hello guys today I am speaking about “Is electricity a form of matter?”


To answer that question, we need to first understand what is electricity and what is matter.


Electricity is defined to be the physical effects associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. Examples are lightening, static electricity and electric current.  * Wikipedia


One of the most familiar carriers of electric charge is the electron.



Matter does not have an exact definition, but an electron is considered to be matter because it has mass, and also because matter is considered to be what atoms and molecules are made of – which includes electrons.


so electricity is the movement of matter and there for not a form of matter.


As you might know Energy (the result of electricity) can not be created or destroyed just changed, so electricity can not be made or destroyed just changed.


Electricity can be seen in is a car battery a clock a light phone a TV a fridge a power plug a power cord a water filter a speaker and a kettle, well they are not actually electricity they all just hold electricity make sure you don’t get mixed up!





Reflection: When preparing for this speech I found it hard to connect to the class, hard to find information when i was on sites because it was too hard to understand.

The strong points of my speech were… My loud voice, my clear voice and my information/ understanding facts.

When i do my next speech I’ll try to improve my practice because i needed more practice.

Giving feedback to others will help me when i’m reflecting on my learning goals in most lessons!

People in my class give good feedback, most people are confident when speaking and giving feedback, often people connected to the class with their facts and had good prompts.

When public speaking avoid looking down, moving around and speaking softly.

My goals for my next speech are connect to the audience more, practice more and finish 1 week before due date.

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