100 wc

April 17, 2016 - 100 word challenge

…but the spot just grew and grew…  John’s car spot grew so big that it was the size of a meteorite. He was SHOCKED! But it keep growing and growing. John could not stop it, he was scared. When it finally took a ten minute break, he relaxed. It suddenly grew at an exponentially fast speed! It eventually exploded Earth. Earth’s core sucked in everything including John The heat was so bad his head felt fatter and fatter. Eventually it went KABOOM! All the parts of his brain and whatever else is inside a head spewed in all directions Earth just died.




One thought on “100 wc


Hi nick good job on your 100wc it was a bit a gory but it was enjoyable I really liked how you kept te good part until the end and you showed not telled


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