the pipes!

March 19, 2016 - 100 word challenge, Uncategorized

…when the connection broke… Earth was flooded.

Bicke, Jack and Bill were playing cricket-jet at the park when a big tidal wave appeared. Bill couldn’t move. Bicke threw the cricket-jet ball at Bill and screams “Fly!”

The three friends rocketed off to space but they had left Bicke’s brother Kong behind on earth.

They were desperate to help Kong and raced to the Moonbase. As they approached they saw a gigantic construction with a laser on top. Bicke fired the laser. A laserbeam pierced a hole in the Earth’s ozone layer. Water spewed into space. Kong was saved!


3 thoughts on “the pipes!


This was really well written Nick. The story is action-packed, but what really makes it is your careful choice of words- especially the verbs (spewed, rocketed, pierced)
great work!

Tiana Sasik

dear Nick
your 100wc was really interesting and I liked how you made it unusual but also funny. I liked how you made a narrative (orientation,problem,solution). overall it was a good piece of writing and I hope you write like this every time.
from Tiana


good job nick on your 100wc. I really liked how you chose your word really carefully and you really put a twist to it.


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