March 18, 2016 - BTN

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This BTN was about how Australia became a federation.


At the start, Australia was a bunch of separate colonies that all had different laws. Why was Australia a bunch of separate colonies? The colonies wanted to be a single country so they wrote a draft constitution.  But it wasn’t democratic enough and all the states had lots of disagreements about Federation. Eventually, they agreed except Western Australia until one year later. Why didn’t WA join federation at first and why a year later? Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders weren’t included in Federation. By becoming a Federation the country helped people agree with each other e.g. before Federation different states had different train track widths, after Federation they had to agree on a common width.

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2 thoughts on “FEDERATION


hey nick nice job on your btn. I really liked how you structured your sentences. you put them together really well as well as adding extras. Good job


Great job Nick- I was very impressed the way you made such improvements in just one week.
Well done


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