The three men

March 8, 2016 - 100 word challenge

One night three men were talking about robbing a bank on the Poop Islands. The Poop Islands are a heavy guarded series of jails and banks. The three men were planning to bomb the islands! A lot of people knew they were doing this so they told the police.

The police hired a special forces army to torture the men, but a bomb was planted in the special forces base and the forces were exploded!

The town was devastated so they all went and killed two out of the three men. The last one was hiding in a bunker and he sneakily ran away.


my prompt:

One thought on “The three men


Hey nick good job on another 100wc. I really liked how you you used very descriptive like heavy, sneakily and torture. you could of kept into one paragraph but hey it was great.


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