Captain Poop

March 5, 2016 - 100 word challenge

One night an evil person was attacking a church, but Captain Poop came to the rescue. Da da da!

The evil person tried again, but still Captain Poop saved the day. Da da da!

Later that night the evil person was robbing a bank so Captain Poop came to the rescue again Da da da!

At 2am the SAME robber was smashing a door into a house. He was super angry. Everyone was scared that he wold kill them. But Captain Poop killed the robber slowly and painfully in a squishing machine.
There was a party to celebrate his death


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3 thoughts on “Captain Poop

Sandra Katsikis

Who needs Superman when you have Captain Poop! I like that your sentences are varying in their length – I really felt that the robber was super angry because of the short, direct sentence you used, which was effective because the sentences around it were longer and more descriptive. Your punctuation is getting better too 🙂


Hi nick I really liked how you based your story about a superhero story. A thing to consider is maybe to be careful with your paragraphing. You used repetition very well with da da da. In other words very good


it was very good but maybye you should make it a bit more intresting i liked how the sentences started getting a bit more complex (if you understand what i mean)


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