Monthly Archives: March 2016

blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions bnt site This BTN was about moving AUSTRALIA DAY. Some people don’t like celebrating AUSTRALIA [...]
the pipes!
…when the connection broke… Earth was flooded. Bicke, Jack and Bill were playing cricket-jet at the park when a big tidal wave appeared. Bill couldn’t [...]
blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions This BTN was about how Australia became a federation.   At the start, Australia was a bunch of separate [...]
the btn website blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions I now understand that the way we vote has changed  I want to know more about how and when we [...]
The three men
One night three men were talking about robbing a bank on the Poop Islands. The Poop Islands are a heavy guarded series of jails and banks. The three men [...]
Captain Poop
One night an evil person was attacking a church, but Captain Poop came to the rescue. Da da da! The evil person tried again, but still Captain Poop saved [...]
semester 1 goals
I want to do science lessons to know how things work. I need to work on my presentation skills. Ways I could meet my goals. I could to try to meet my goals [...]
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