Why I am a useful part of 5/6C

February 8, 2016 - Uncategorized

I think that I am a very useful part of 5/6C because…


I am and it expert because I know how to efficiently use a number of computer programs so I can help people with their computer problems. As an example yesterday (2/2/2016) I helped some people make their locker pictures.


I am an idea generator. Just say you run dry of ideas you can all ways come to me and tell me what sort of story you want ill come up with an idea because I love to create ideas and solving others problems.


I am also a very confident leader. I can organise everyone and have a clear idea of what everyone should be doing to get the job done ASAP. I try make everything fun as well and I listen to all their ideas.


That is why I am a needed part of 5/6C .



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