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February 1, 2016 - Uncategorized

Hi Ant,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Here are mine…

On my holidays I went to Johanna (near the Otways) We stayed on a farm that we had already visited 3 years ago and met a Sri Lankan family.They showed us how to eat unripe apples by covering them with salt and pepper. My sister liked to play with Zach the sheep dog and we picked wild blackberries.

Other than that our cool neighbours Zach (not the sheep dog) and Olivia came over most days. We played Minecraft, hung out and somtimes went swimming together.

For Christmas my dad got HIMSELF! a new car and was so fired up my whole family went for a drive in it after he picked it up.
My Mum teaches mindfulness and yoga at schools and kinders.
My sister Steph (7 yr old) is very crazy and angry for random reasons. She loves Frozen and H20 (just add water) and she has started playing futsal with me this year.

I also have 2 cats (Hermes and Jack) and 10 budgies. My bird cage blew over in a storm a couple of weeks ago 2 budgies escaped and flew around the back yard. Luckily mum caught them both.

One thing you may not know about me is that I have my own YouTube channel ( gt290 ). I post Minecraft videos and other random vlogs. In the future I hope to grow my YouTube channel and buy my own house. I am already 92 cents well on my way to buying my own house.


2 thoughts on “letter to Ant


Hi Nic,
My brother is crazy like your sister!
I like how you make it interesting, I love your letter!
I think you could of made it a bit longer, but it was still good.


I was blown away by this wonderful response to my letter. I loved the way you included so many interesting and specific details- I really feel I know you so much more after reading this letter. I loved hearing that you spent time at Joanna. It’s one of my favourite beaches- so epic and wild! I also loved hearing about your experience with the Sri Lankan family. I had never heard of doing that with apples-it’s amazing what we can learn from different people! I’m also very interested to hear about your YouTube channel. My kids love watching these kinds of channels and Amon wants to make his own, so i will watch yours with them this week.
Great work, and an excellent start to the year,


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