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Buddies reflection
 I am
Unit Goals: Civics and Citizenship
As a result of this unit, I will   Unit Learning Goal 1: Civic knowledge and understanding            I will . . . try to describe the three levels of [...]
The amazing swimmer
Once upon a time an amazing swimmer went to the pool. Randomly gas appeared and went everywhere. So she ran out the door of the swim center and she found a [...]
I think I am the best SRC rep our class can have because… I take all ideas into account and love new ways of thinking and that all the reps should have no [...]
semester 1 goals
I want to do science lessons to know how things work. I need to work on my presentation skills. Ways I could meet my goals. I could to try to meet my goals [...]
Why I am a useful part of 5/6C
I think that I am a very useful part of 5/6C because…   I am and it expert because I know how to efficiently use a number of computer programs so I [...]
letter to Ant
Hi Ant, Thanks for sharing your experiences. Here are mine… On my holidays I went to Johanna (near the Otways) We stayed on a farm that we had already [...]
2016 blog intro
This year I am in Ants class I am excited for year 5. I am hoping that this years work will be harder and more interesting then last years work. I like [...]
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