The evil crying baby 1

December 17, 2015 - Writing

Once upon a time there was a crazy crying baby that cried explosive tears. The baby could not be harmed by the tears, but everyone else could.


One day the evil baby started to cry so hard that it wiped out multiple towns. The whole of the Special Forces army couldn’t kill the baby apart from one person.

Captain Wedgie was flying around over the top of the baby and looking at the baby cry and wondering how he would destroy the baby.


He remembered the ultra-high tech slime cage (the target gets trapped inside). He threw it at the baby.

The baby struggled in the cage and cried explosive tears, but still couldn’t get out. Captain Wedgie picked up the cage and ran to the closest volcano and chucked in the cage with the baby in it.


The cage had magical fire resistance, so he pulled out the ultra-high tech cage controller and turned off fire resistance.  “Arghhh!”, screamed the ROBOT baby as it’s fake skin melted off like gold in a forgery.


Everybody lived happily ever after

The end… for now!

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