Dolphin day! Part 1

December 17, 2015 - Writing

One day a dolphin ate 1 too many hotdogs and behind him a rainbow was created he turned around and thought it was a staircase so he went up it.


On the second last step he saw a donut and he eats it. It springs it up into heaven. In heaven a god tries to kill him!


He fell…slowly…like a feather, all the way to hell.


In hell a magical pink unicorn was waiting to say ‘hi’ to him when he got down the pink unicorn said that hell and heaven heave switched places ‘well I’m going to kill all the hell daemons and take you back to heaven! I said

‘why thank you’ said the unicorn.


The unicorn and I ran up the stairs to the Amory and equipped amour and weaponry. We ran to out and walked to the staircase…



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