June 25, 2015 - Writing

‘5,4,3,2,1’ yelled the pilot.

‘Lets go to Australia’ exclaimed the co-pilot

Woosh! The plane flew off away into the distance.


They ran out of fuel bzz ‘we need more fuel!’ said the co-pilot over the intercom.

Weee! The plane fell from the sky and into a lake.


‘all the bags have fallen out of the bottom of the plane’ sadly yelled the co-pilot.

‘should we get the’ asked a worried passanger.

‘no’ said the co-pilot ‘it is too dangerous out there in the sea.

‘ok’ sighed the passanger.


Just then out of nowhere the passanger produced 5 litres of fuel. ‘put it in the tank’ said the co-pilot.


So he ran over to the door, jumped on the wing: opened the fuel hatch and inserted the fuel then he closed it.


When he threw the can off the wing he fell off along with it into the pond! ‘Sorry to alarm you’ said the co-pilot ‘but a passenger has just fallen off the plane’!

There was a horrified scream from the crowd of passengers.


‘The fuel has been inserted so we can go home!’ said the pilot.

‘YAY’ said the passengers.

That is THE END

One thought on “THE PLANE CRASH!


What happens to the passenger who fell in the lake?!
I can feel a sequel to this story … the revenge of the stranded passenger in the lake!


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