The best animal-6th piece of 2014

December 16, 2014 - Uncategorized, Writing


I think lemurs are the best animal in the world because……………

1: Their ancestors travelled from Africa to Madagascar on twigs and bits of wood!!They must have been very tired. Do you think they are the best animal?

2: Some lemurs have stink fights! To do this they put their sent on their Tail and hit each other with it! 

3: People make myths about lemurs. If I was a lemur  a lemur I would feel sad that people make myths about me. Would you?

4: Lemurs would have a scary because either get trapped for a pet or murdered for food or there forest was logged. Would you like it if your house was destroyed?

That is why I think lemurs are the best animals!

   (I got my facts from wwf and )



One thought on “The best animal-6th piece of 2014


I like that you asked them a question at the end of each pargraph.
Maybe next time you could put reasons why lemurs have stink fights or something like that. Great Job!



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