The Revenge of the Evil Chicken-4th piece of 2014

December 9, 2014 - Uncategorized, Writing


My  mum, dad, Steph , and I were in the car driving to a farm. How long untill we get there? Ahh! hours!


(Ten days later)

“We’re there, I said.” As soon as we got out of the car Steph and I   ran to the chicken pens. One chicken had red eyes and blue wings.  It laid brains instead of eggs and it had a sword!

The chicken zapped a brain out of Gus’ head, (Gus lived on the  farm).

I used my sucker(it suckes  objeccts in) to get his brain. I got it! Then I pushed it in through his nostril and he could think again.

Then something unexpected happened! A bomb fell from the sky  and squashed the chicken. Yay the chicken is dead!

Tomorrow before we left we had a big party to celebrate the death of the  chicken!


edited by Nic and Jude.



2 thoughts on “The Revenge of the Evil Chicken-4th piece of 2014


I like how you use your imagination in the story. Maybe next time you could put more into it because when you said (ten days later) you could of told us what happened in that ten days. Great job!


    Ok Charlie 2014 next time I will say some of what happens in the time I skip


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