my swimming-2nd piece of 2014

December 2, 2014 - Uncategorized, Writing

Splash! I got in the pool. Splash.splash.splash.the other people got in. 3 2 1 beep! I was doing backstroke 20 m! Any way I was losing the race. Yay I got ahead of two people in another team. I had 2m 1m 0m yes.  I did it i got 4th place in the race! My legs felt like lead when I got to my towel. I got money and I had $5.10c i got two lolly snakes and one packet of salt and vinegar chips. I really enjoyed  eating them!

One thought on “my swimming-2nd piece of 2014

Angus Musgrave

It was super. Maybe next time don’t put splash at the start. But it was still really good.


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