My Silly Sister-1st piece of 2014

December 2, 2014 - Writing

Steph I need to do my homework. don’t come in my room. [Ten minutes later].Stephanie GET OUT!Ok Nic. [Music] [two minutes later]. I really enjoyed my practice .I played my song twinkle twinkle little star it was fun I did more than I had to do. [I did two hours of practice.]When I finished I heard my sister calling for me to play with her so I played with her for two hours of fun   [ we were spying on my mum and my dad ]we had so much fun . When we went to bed we slept for two hours. I woke my sister then we stole chocolate from the fridge. In the morning we were tied .Mum didn’t know why. [we did]. We went out for breakfast. Our family went to subway, it was very yum.

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