A Present – 3rd piece of 2014

December 2, 2014 - Uncategorized

BANG! The car went at 250km per hour. A siren rang out near us. “You’re a good driver so you get $1000’’YAY I said.


My dad opened the sun roof of my car and $100 fell in through the roof I missed $100 so take it said the policeman


We (dad and I) drove to the shop and bought a computer for $600 normally $1000


When I got home I played video games for six hours


A guy hacked and spammed my computer. So and I got a new one!



Edited by Nic and Jude

One thought on “A Present – 3rd piece of 2014

Angus Musgrave

It was good but don’t start with bang. What was the present?


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