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…but where would we hide it all?… I found the case under my bed as the cops were coming I didn’t want them to discover the 100 thousand dollars in [...]
Nick and Ryans Minecraft poem
  Minecraft© Minecraft© swimming in your computer Causing entertainment Because it is so awesome Minecraft© minecraft© swimming in your computer [...]
joy poem
joy at the warmth I love warmth more than anything. joy at the warmth keeps me alive   joy at the cat purrs really loud joy at the cat sounds like a [...]
halloween poem
running door to door saying trick or treat trick or treat! until one house was a trick not treat. crash smash! ahhh!!!! all I saw was teeth sinking into a [...]
bang crash …as the door slammed, I knew… the that It had broken in it wanted to kill me, I was scared it had been hunting me for the past 5 years I wish I [...]
one day in the bushes an old man was walking around some very naughty kids one of them had a water gun! the kid with the water gun decided that the old [...]
The small white fluffball with sunlight sprinting along her, Her deep blue eyes more blue then the depths of the oacen when the sun is bright! She jumps [...]
Goals for term 4
Work and study: I want to get better at using algebra to help with my math equations and I need to talk less in class. Ways I can meet my goals  I could [...]
This video was about electricity blue: understanding red: facts pink: questions Because humans have water in them they can conduct energy. What chemical [...]
I wondered it was very mysterious when the noises were booming out to me I thought something was stuck in there or it was an alien! So, what lies ahead I [...]
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